Re: Drools can't be activated after pushing policies from PAP to PDP-D. #policy #controlloop

Sandeep Sharma

Hi Mandeep,
There is no link for the proxy workaround. This is what you need to do,
1. Please perform these steps before you push any policies.
2. Log in the Policy nexus service at http://<your casablanca IP>:30236/nexus/#
3. The username/password for the Policy nexus is admin/admin123.
4. Click on Ádd repostory', and from the drop down select 'Proxy Repository'.
5. Set the Repository ID/Repository Name, ( As per the settings.xml I have shared in the message above, the id/name is Proxy/proxy.
6.  Set Remote storage location :
7. I set the Checksum Policy to Ignore.
8. Save this Proxy repository.
9. Log in the Drools pod shell, and replace the ~/.m2/settings.xml with the one that I had pasted in the message above. Please change modify the settings.xml as per the repo id/name that you chose.
10. Push your policy. 

This workaround has been working very consistently for us.


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