Re: vDNS use case / issue with SO pub about APPC-READ

Marco Platania

Messages published in APPC-LCM-WRITE definitely come from APPC (unless you set the topics differently, which is not the common case). APPC reads from APP-LCM-READ (which is where clients like SO publish). Being APPC-LCM-WRITE a shared channel between APPC and possibly multiple clients, the originator ID is just to express which client sent the input message (in APP-LCM-READ). I believe this is why you see MSO as originator ID.


Regarding the actual error, I think your K8S cluster has some nodes out of sync. Try to see if the timestamps in the VMs (or physical hosts) are synchronized. I’m quite sure that’s not an ONAP-related issue.




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Subject: vDNS use case / issue with SO pub about APPC-READ


Hi All,

we are continue working on vDNS use case ( ) primarily focusing on closed loop aspects

we successfully carried out the following steps related to the above guide

“PART 1 - Service Definition and Onboarding”

“PART 2 - Scale Out Use Case Instantiation”

“PART 3 - Post Instantiation Operations”

“3-1 Using the VNF : vLB Manual Configuration”… skipped because it was carried out automatically  

“3-2 Updating AAI with VNF resources”


After this steps we see vPKG does NOT generates packets. Anyway making that working is not our primary goal at this stage.

We changed the TCA rules as “if packets are LESS than 2000 than call policy operation” and this rules is always satisfied in our case. In fact we have seen MSO publishing a topic “APPC-LCM-READ” asking for "action":"HealthCheck". Refer to attached file “APPC_LCM_READ_messagerouter”


In the APP-C log you can also find “InvalidInputException : Input Timestamp is of future” associated to the messages related to the topic “APPC-LCM-READ”. Refer to attached file “appc_log_errortimestamp”


Afterwards we have noticed under topic “APPC-LCM-WRITE”  the following  "message":"INVALID INPUT PARAMETER - Input Timestamp is of future = Thu Aug 22 10:28:58 GMT 2019"           followed by  the          

"message":"UNEXPECTED ERROR - java.lang.IllegalStateException". Refer to attached file “APPC_LCM_WRITE_messagerouter”. Such messages are apparently published by MSO because that is the name associated to the field "originator-id" while we expected it was published by APPC as we understood from the  GET http://message-router.onap:3904/events/APPC-LCM-WRITE found in “bpmn_debug_cut.log”).


In the MSO log you can find the following error “Error Message: Unable to invoke action : HealthCheck”. Refer to attached file “bpmn_debug_cut.log”



Do you have any suggestion how to fix such issue?

Is there any document describing the semantic of messages published from both MSO and APPC?


Thanks in advance


Best regards,


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