Re: External DCAE Application (noob question) #dcaegen2 #question #noob

David Perez Caparros

Hi David,

we did something similar for the ONAP BBS use case. Perhaps you can start by having a look at the BBS event processor doc here: 
you can also find demo videos here: 


On 22 Aug 2019, at 19:01, David Bainbridge <dbainbri@...> wrote:


Is it possible, and what would be the process, to utilize an analytic component that deploys in a separate container, but processes events from the DCAE framework? Is it just a matter of connecting to the "common" message bus (kafka?) and processing the published topics as the data is in a defined format? I am assuming the external component is written in non-Java (C++, Go, Rust, Python ... it really doesn't matter).

avèk respè,

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