Kenny Paul

> From: VENKATESH KUMAR, VIJAY vv770d@...

> Kenny –  Based on, 3 among 5 folks identified as moderators are no longer with ONAP. This list needs to be updated.


The email above from Vijay says it all; new moderators are needed for onap-discuss.

Moderators are responsible for releasing or rejecting held messages, including messages (cross)posted by non-members and for management of the meeting calendar associated with that list.


Below are the basic rules for mailing list management:

- Moderators are non-elected Community volunteers.

- There are no pre-requisites other than a desire to help the Community. You do not need to be a TSC member, PTL, Committer, or code contributor.

- A minimum of 3 members from the Community are required as Moderators for all mailing lists.

- If the number of Moderators should ever fall below 3 a mailing list can be locked and made read only until sufficient moderators are available.

- Moderators are not granted permissions to modify any list configuration variables.


Thank you!



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