DCAE weekly meeting time changed effective this week

Vijay VK

ONAP/DCAE Members,

  Please be advised due to DST change, dcae weekly meetings is moved to following timeslot effective this week.


Thursday - 10.30 – 11.30 AM EST/15.30 -16.30 PM UTC  


The new meeting time will follow right after TSC weekly call.  I’ve requested ONAP discuss-list moderators for updating DCAE weekly calendar, incase you dint receive  – please use attached invite  (bridge# will same - https://zoom.us/j/824147956).


For 11/7 meeting, there is Acumos-ONAP/DCAE Integration live demo planned by AT&T and Ericsson team. This leverages DCAE-MOD and Acumos Adapter components which will be mainstreamed for Frankfurt Release (tracked under REQ-9  & REQ-166). You are welcome to join if interested.


Complete agenda can be found here - https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/2019-11-07+DCAE+Meeting+Notes





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Subject: [DCAE] - weekly meeting time changed


Hi DCAE Team,

Due to DST changes,  please note that DCAE Weekly meeting will be moved to our winter timings effective tomorrow – 11/8; new timing will be as below –


Thursday - 10.30 – 11.30 AM EST/3.30 -4.30 PM UTC


This change is required to avoid conflict with TSC meeting (new meeting will follow right after TSC meeting ends).


I’ve requested ONAP Discuslist moderators for updating DCAE weekly calendar. Incase that is delayed to be published – please use same bridge (https://zoom.us/j/824147956)






Vijay Venkatesh Kumar




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