Meetings, Lists and Community Self-management

Kenny Paul

(Bcc’d to onap-release and onap-discuss)


If you’ve been around the ONAP project for a couple of years you probably know that we made a decision to have a large general discussion list with tags rather than going with independent lists.  Y’all are also probably well aware of the fact that calendar management has been “a challenge”  from the very beginning.


These issues aren’t unique to us. Within the LF today there was a rather long Slack thread on these topics.  The prevailing wisdom is that one mailing list per project/subcommittee whereby each list has it’s own dedicated calendar is the best way to give the respective community control of their own destiny.


Upsides to such an arrangement:

  • The PTL or subcommittee Chair would be the default list owner and responsible for maintain the calendar for their list.



  • Potential for creating cross-communication silos
  • Cross posts being rejected if someone isn’t subscribed to both lists


Must haves:

  • There would still need to be at least 2 other moderators for each list.
  • The way we use Zoom accounts bridge management would probably need to be adjusted at some point, but for now we should be able to get by with our current “Bridge Manager” model.


We can have a discussion here but the link here will take you to a non-binding “interest” poll to gauge if this is desirable to the community or not.

I’ll leave it up for a few days and then based upon the results I’ll put together a proposal.







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