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Xu Ran

Hi Vikas,

We have received your question. If you use the latest image (3.0.1) of UUI, all the api requests should be https. So please try  https://<host-ip>:port/usecase-ui/#/home in your environment. And if it still doesn’t work, it could probably a problem of MSB configuration, but just try https first. We have deployed the system in our internal lab system and could access the data normally and smoothly. I put the capture as attachment for your reference.

If there’s further problem, we are here for asking help.

Best Regards

Xu Ran
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2020年4月10日 下午2:36,Vikas Kumar <vkumar@...> 写道:

Hi UUI Team,

We are trying to setup and explore usecaseui. After uui and uui-server service is up and we try to open uui at URL. http://<host-ip>:30398/usecase-ui/#/home. All the api calls (with /api/usecaseui-server/v1) which should go to uui-server are going to the origin (uui) and hence returning with 404. By looking at the code it seems that those requests should be routed to the uui-server by tomcat or the base url should be uui-server endpoint.
Are we missing any configuration here ? 


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