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Xu Ran

Hi Vikas,

I think you can request the interface via postman with the params I have provided and check if the customer has been successfully added in UI.
In the latest UUI master branch, the request params have been the same with what I have shown in last E-mail. Maybe it’s the problem of self-released docker image. We are figuring this out and planning to release a new docker image(3.0.2) for debugging soon. If you are not in a hurry, you can just wait for this new release and re-deploy the image. 
If you are in a hurry, maybe you can re-pull the latest codes in UUI master, pack and update the frontend ‘war' resource package in your docker image. That’s an irregular but efficient way to solve the codes inconsistent problems. Hope can help you guys.


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2020年4月16日 下午2:30,Vikas Kumar <vkumar@...> 写道:

Hi Xu, 
please find below screenshot with params which are being send by the request. I see it only sends customerId. But isn't UI supposed to take care of the rite parsms which needs to be send with the request ?


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