Re: #elalto #appc APPC 404 in vFW "closed loop" #appc #elalto

Zhuangyang Chen

Hi Taka,


Considering appc container does not have curl, I try this curl command on k8s node by replacing localhost to appc IP.


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There is appc.provider.vfodl.url in /opt/onap/appc/data/properties/ APPC docker


Try  curl http://admin:Kp8bJ4SXszM0WXlhak3eHlcse2gAw84vaoGGmJvUy2U@localhost:8181/restconf/config/network-topology:network-topology/topology/topology-netconf/node/NODE_NAME/yang-ext:mount/stream-count:stream-count/streams/ to see if it worked from inside appc container.


The topologySevice code is here:;a=blob;f=appc-provider/appc-provider-bundle/src/main/java/org/onap/appc/provider/topology/;h=1a95d24ab54fda3a9adaeee5c6cf6e6e6a9e1e60;hb=bb3b3a39f5d5c68f3ae4ad1e7f6bf3f095fe9701



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Hi there,

In K8S Elato env, during on-boarding vFW. APPC encountered an 404 error:

APPC0060E Application null graph APPC:topology-operation-all:2.0.0 completed with failure: error code = 404, message = Not Found

In previous steps, APPC got Got 1 messages from DMaaP, Read 1 messages from APPC-CL as appcDemoEventListener/960. 

And Enrolled into TopologyService - modifyConfig() method.

However, I noticed the org.onap.appc.configURL is made to config DB in ODL, Should I consider to preload some data like SDNC in vFW? 

2020-05-13T01:07:00,459 | DEBUG | qtp1290089202-32909 | eelf                             | 444 - appc-common-bundle - 1.6.4 | Parameters passed to SLI: [ org.onap.appc.configURL = http://admin:Kp8bJ4SXszM0WXlhak3eHlcse2gAw84vaoGGmJvUy2U@appc:8282/restconf/config/network-topology:network-topology/topology/topology-netconf/node/9d8893f4-f158-451a-9828-46dfc610de71/yang-ext:mount/stream-count:stream-count/streams/, org.onap.appc.reqid = c5bc35d5-fbf5-4619-a745-41665f01e21d, org.onap.appc.action = modifyConfig, org.onap.appc.configJson = {"streams": {"active-streams": 5}} ]



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