Re: [ONAP] [Frankfurt] new http endpoint found (onap-message-router-kafka)

Mandar Sawant <ms5838@...>

message-router-kafka 30490 is not HTTP. Its kafka endpoint using kafka’s own protocol. It has been always there. There are three ports used by kafka 30490, 30491 and 30492.


message-router 30227 was the old HTTP port and was removed long time back to disable HTTP exposure. Not sure why its added in the xfail list.





From: ZWARICO, AMY <az9121@...>
Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 8:36 AM
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Subject: RE: [ONAP] [Frankfurt] new http endpoint found (onap-message-router-kafka)


I’d like to get positive confirmation from Mandar that HTTP is needed by message-router-kafka-0 before adding it to the xfail list.


From: morgan.richomme@... <morgan.richomme@...>
Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2020 3:15 AM
To: SAWANT, MANDAR <ms5838@...>
Cc: Krzysztof Opasiak <k.opasiak@...>; ZWARICO, AMY <az9121@...>; 'Pawel Pawlak' <p.pawlak@...>; DESBUREAUX Sylvain TGI/OLN <sylvain.desbureaux@...>; onap-discuss@...; p.wieczorek2@...
Subject: [ONAP] [Frankfurt] new http endpoint found (onap-message-router-kafka)




In our daily frankfurt and master CI chain, I noticed a regression in http_public_end_point test, the test scanning the open http public port.


A new pod is detected

message-router-kafka-0 30490/tcp open unknown

in the xfail list we declared 
message-router 30227
@Mandar @Sylvain: Did this change recently? (both daily tests were OK yesterday)
@SECCOM shall we adapt the xfail list?


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