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Gareth Roper

Hi Xu,


Thank you very much for your response, apologies in advance for my large response.


I have followed the FAQ on the Wiki page you linked, and have ensured that UUI and UUI-Server are registered in MSB. When I attempt to view UUI through MSB (On the ONAP Portal) I receive the following error:


Bad Request

This combination of host and port requires TLS.


As shown in screenshot below:



When attempting to connect to the UUI dashboard through the MSB page, I receive the following:



If I try to access UUI directly (“uui” is set as the VM running UUI IP in hosts file) I receive the following:


Alternatively if I attempt to access UUI directly, while using the UUI services’ Nodeport value I receive the following:


I have also attached 2 JSON files, which show the registered services in MSB for UUI and UUI-server, just in case there is an issue with the registered service.


The images in use on our deployment are:


Finally, following the FAQ you linked, I ran the command “kubectl edit svc uui-server -n onap” and this is the output:


Any further help/knowledge regarding this issue would be much appreciated.

If there is any further information which you may need, please let me know.





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Hi Gareth,


The ways of solving common problems of UUI deployment is written in this wiki: . So just try out the methods recorded in that wiki, if it doesn’t work, please provide us with more details of your system to figure out your problem. Hope can help you. 



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202063 下午9:48Gareth Roper <gareth.roper@...> 写道:



I have recently been trying to use UUI to onboard a NS package, as described in this guide:

However, I have been unable to access the UUI dashboard. I have followed these tutorials:

I cannot access UUI through the ONAP Portal and I receive either the error "default backend - 404" on a blank web page or "This host requires TLS" when attempting to access the site directly. 

Does anyone know of any more up-to-date guides for UUI, or have any experience with these access issues?



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