Re: ODP: [POLICY][CLAMP] Error when submitting to Policy Engine #clamp #policy

Jorge Hernandez

Hi Lukasz,
The policy api  component has a limitation in this release where requires you to start fresh with a database if you perform an upgrade, which seems may be the case in your situation as I'm going through your emails, if you have gone from 2.2.3 to 2.2.4 that may be very well be the case that you hit.   To recover from the situation, you'll need to start fresh with the policy database when upgrading your installation, so make sure to take down the policy-mariadb pod to start fresh (make sure there is no PV/PVCs left, or leftover data under /dockerdata-nfs/dev-policy/policy-mariadb [check on the name, writing it from top of my head]).   Let me know how it goes.
Best regards,

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