aaf-cert-service pod went to CrashLoopBackOff State #aaf #frankfurt

Kamel Idir

Hi Sylvain,

Three weeks ago, I have deployed ONAP Frankfurt, where all AAF pods are running. 
But early this week I noticed the aaf-cert-service pod is unhealthy. it goes to cyclic reboot and you can see the status from the below screenshots I took.
When I described the pod to get more details, it shows that the readiness probe failed due to certificate has expired. Is there a fix to renew a certificate for this pod.

I have been looking to Jira tickets AAF-1159 and AAF-1160 related to aaf-sms but didn't help much to fix my issue.
Just to mention that from other oNAP components functionality point of view I don't see any impact caused by this issue. 

AAF Pods all are running

AAF Cert Service in CrashLoopBackOff

aaf-cert-service describe pod

Appreciate if you have any fix or guidance to solve this certificate issue.


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