[Elalto] AAF - sshsm-testca PodInitializing ERROR #oom #aaf

Zhuangyang Chen

Hi All,


In trying to bring a deployment of ONAP-Elalto, one of the aaf pods continuously fails to deploy.

aaf pod (aaf-aaf-sshsm-testca-bgqtm) is failing due to the error with PodInitializing.


1. aaf-sshsm-testca depends on aaf-sshsm-distcenter.

2. the describe result of aaf-sshsm-distcenter is completely fine with terminated state and reason completed. This is same as the result of "Kubectl get pods ..."

3. aaf-sshsm-testca just keeps erroring, because from aaf-sshsm-testca's prespective: job aaf-sshsm-distcenter is running and never complete yet.


Any ideas?


Best Regards,




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