Re: [Elalto] AAF - sshsm-testca PodInitializing ERROR #oom #aaf

Zhuangyang Chen


When I do "docker logs k8s_aaf-sshsm-testca-distcenter-xxxx", I found this:

2020-08-04 07:48:37,149 - INFO - Checking if aaf3-aaf-sshsm-distcenter  is complete

2020-08-04 07:48:37,151 - ERROR - Exception when calling read_namespaced_job_status: (403)

Reason: Forbidden

HTTP response headers: HTTPHeaderDict({'Date': 'Tue, 04 Aug 2020 07:48:37 GMT', 'Content-Length': '374', 'Content-Type': 'application/json', 'X-Content-Type-Options': 'nosniff'})

HTTP response body: {"kind":"Status","apiVersion":"v1","metadata":{},"status":"Failure","message":"jobs.batch \"aaf3-aaf-sshsm-distcenter\" is forbidden: User \"system:serviceaccount:onap:default\" cannot get resource \"jobs/status\" in API group \"batch\" in the namespace \"onap\"","reason":"Forbidden","details":{"name":"aaf3-aaf-sshsm-distcenter","group":"batch","kind":"jobs"},"code":403}

Any ideas?

Because same OOM code works fine on single node environment, bur failed in k8s cluster.



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