[OOM] [EXTAPI] readiness image 3.0.1 issue

Aleem Raja


To test 5g slicing use case we need to use latest nbi image as 7.0.2 in our frankfurt env, there is difference in OOM readiness version.

In Frankfurt: oomk8s/readiness-check:2.0.2
In Guilin: onap/oom/readiness:3.0.1

When changing version in oom/kubernetes/values.yaml with latest nbi image(7.0.2) and readiness version for Guilin, pod is unable to start.

kubectl get pods -n onap | grep nbi
onap-nbi-67ffd9d567-kjm2f                           0/1     Init:CrashLoopBackOff     6          11m
onap-nbi-config-config-job-68dcr                    0/1     Init:ContainerCannotRun   0          10m
onap-nbi-config-config-job-85vzz                    0/1     Init:ContainerCannotRun   0          9m56s
onap-nbi-config-config-job-b95t8                    0/1     Init:ContainerCannotRun   0          10m
onap-nbi-config-config-job-dgw8t                    0/1     Init:ContainerCannotRun   0          2m36s
onap-nbi-config-config-job-hqljr                    0/1     Init:ContainerCannotRun   0          7m56s
onap-nbi-config-config-job-qt7cx                    0/1     Init:ContainerCannotRun   0          9m16s
onap-nbi-config-config-job-wqvdf                    0/1     Init:ContainerCannotRun   0          11m
onap-nbi-mongo-0                                    1/1     Running                   0          11m

when describe the nbi pod, getting:

Error: failed to start container "nbi-config-readiness": Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused "exec: \"/root/ready.py\": stat /root/ready.py: permission denied": unknown

Please find attached nbi pod description for reference.

May you please provide guidance or suggestions regarding this?

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