Re: DMAAP-message-router-mirrormaker pods is not running #dmaap

Dominic Lunanuova

While you are all discussing this, just want to point out a related Jira we created a long time ago:

At that time, DMaaP design anticipated there might be a central “hub” and one or more edge deployments because the AT&T ECOMP architecture has long had central/edge deployments.   (e.g. use case: edge data collector/central analysis function)

The blocking issue in ONAP has been some consensus on the technique and naming conventions for inter-K8S services, and as this Jira mentions, some deployment indicator for where you are deploying (and what the central deployment is named).


The vision, as it relates to this thread might look like:

  • A “central” k8s deployment with the full set of DMaaP components, AAF, and the CDS central component
  • An “edge” k8s deployment with a streamlined set of DMaaP components (MR, MM, DR Node) and the CDS edge component
  • Provisioning an MR topic in “central” using DMaaP Bus Controller with attributes which indicate the location of publisher (e.g. central) and subscriber (e.g. edge) and a flag for the type of message replication (e.g. “central-to-edge”), which results in the proper provisioning for the message path:
    • Publisher Identity is authorized in AAF to publish on the topic
    • Subscriber Identity is authorized in AAF to subscribe to the topic
    • Edge MM  is provisioned  to replicate Topic from central MR to edge MR
  • End result: publisher produces message to central MR, edge MM replicates message to edge MR, edge subscriber consumes message


Note: the direction of the message replication is important – you can’t have bidirectional replication on the same topic – but either direction is supported.


As Mandar, Sunil and I are getting pulled from ONAP soon, wish we had the Pruss CDS use case 6 months ago!

While we still have some limited cycles to consult, might somebody want to transition into DMaaP to complete the work using the newer MM?




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Hi Mandar,

I am working on a hybrid ONAP deployment using Frankfurt release of ONAP.  The idea is to have several components on a cloud platform including a central dmaap hub, then components such as CDS can be deployed on onprem cluster with its own dmaap deployment. Using mirror maker is required to replicate the dmaap topics/messages between the main dmaap hub and the onprem dmaap deployment.

Please let me know if you have any alternatives that do not require mirror maker. Per my understanding, to achieve the above use case mirror maker is required.


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