[ONAP] [Guilin] [Integration] Azure staging lab reinstalled

Morgan Richomme


the Azure staging lab reinstallation is now completed.
We got an issue with onap-platform during installation. It prevented SDNC to start well as shown by the tests https://logs.onap.org/onap-integration/daily/onap_oom_staging_azure_1/11-19-2020_14-11/.

After restart of onap-platform, SDNC init finished successfully
HC are now 100% OK

I re-pushed all the keys already referenced on this lab.
The connection procedure remains unchanged
The installed version is a OOM guilin of he day (so it includes the SO 1.7.10 - it is the first Guilin candidate community lab..
see all the docker versions https://logs.onap.org/onap-integration/daily/onap_oom_staging_azure_1/11-19-2020_14-11/infrastructure-healthcheck/k8s/kubernetes-status/versions.html)

If you want to connect - especially the use case owners - please send me your public ssh key.

Enjoy testing



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