AAI Guilin OOM EdgeRuleNotFoundException #aai #oom #guilin



I currently have AAI deployed through he OOM helm charts. I need to create an edge rule between 2 pnfs (nested pnfs) and I am getting this error when I PUT a relationship

    "requestError": {
        "serviceException": {
            "text""Invalid input performing %1 on %2 (msg=%3) (ec=%4)",
            "variables": [
                "Required Edge-property not found in input data:org.onap.aai.edges.exceptions.EdgeRuleNotFoundException: No rule found for EdgeRuleQuery with filter params node type: pnf, node type: metadatum, type: TREE, isPrivate: false.",

The Payload is:

    "relationship-data": [

The edge rule that I put:
{ "from": "pnf", "to": "pnf", "label": "org.onap.relationships.inventory.MemberOf", "direction": "OUT", "multiplicity": "MANY2ONE", "contains-other-v": "NONE", "delete-other-v": "NONE", "prevent-delete": "NONE", "default": "true", "description": "" },

I put that in the aai-schema-service image.

Is there any other place that I need to place the edge rules? I also put those in aai-resources and aai-graphadmin but still no luck.


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