Message Router pod is in crashLoopBackoff when enabling ClusterIP for message-router-kafka service #dmaap

Michael Pruss

I am working on enabling mirror maker within an ONAP deployment. A requirement for mirror maker is to be able to have a direct connection with the Kafka broker service so the connection can be distributed to the Kafka replicas. The current deployment of ONAP sets the message-router-kafka as a headless service. Since mirror maker is deployed outside the cluster that has the ONAP deployment, I modified the message-router-kafka service to be NodePort type. I was then able to configure mirror maker to point to the Kafka cluster. However I then ran into issues with the message-router deployment within the ONAP cluster.


Message-router throws the following error and goes into a crashLoopBackoff:

org.apache.kafka.common.config.ConfigException: No resolvable bootstrap urls given in bootstrap.servers

org.apache.kafka.common.KafkaException: Failed to construct kafka producer


Investigating within OOM charts yields:{{include "common.release" .}}-{{}}-0.{{}}.{{.Release.Namespace}}.svc.cluster.local:{{.Values.kafka.port}},{{include "common.release" .}}-{{}}-1.{{}}.{{.Release.Namespace}}.svc.cluster.local:{{.Values.kafka.port}},{{include "common.release" .}}-{{}}-2.{{}}.{{.Release.Namespace}}.svc.cluster.local:{{.Values.kafka.port}}


So its shown that message-router passes the service names of the 3 kafka replicas to the Apache Kafka producer.


My question is the following: How come modifying the message-router-kafka service to not be headless cause issues with Apache kafka even though the broker list only contains the service names of the kafka replicas? Also, what is the reason that message-router-kafka is a headless service?


Thank you.



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