#ccsdk #sdnc Change in ccsdk/sli repository structure #ccsdk #sdnc

Dan Timoney

CCSDK team:


The code for the SLI is currently contained in 4 separate git repositories:


  • ccsdk/sli/core : the core components of the service logic interpreter
  • ccsdk/sli/adaptors : resource adaptors supported by the SLI
  • ccsdk/sli/northbound : northbound interfaces
  • ccsdk/sli/plugins : plugins supported by the SLI


These repositories are interdependent, which makes doing release builds and managing versions between these somewhat challenging.


To simplify this process and to allow us to do more frequent release builds,  these 4 repositories have been combined into one new repository : ccsdk/sli.  The directory structure, maven groupIds and artifactIds, and package names are all the same – the only thing different is the git repository we use.


The new ccsdk/sli repository is available and the code in the master branch is identical to the code from the sli/* repositories.  LF IT was kind enough to help with the migration so that git logs have been preserved.


I would ask that if you have any code changes for the code under ccsdk/sli, please use the new ccsdk/sli repository rather than the older ccsdk/sli/* ones, which I plan to make read-only to avoid confusion.  If you have gerrit reviews pending against the old structure, not to worry – I will cherry pick those changes for you into the new structure.


To migrate your existing development node to use the new structure is fairly simple.  For example, if your code from ccsdk/sli/* is in $HOME/gerrit/ccsdk/sli/*:


If you have any local changes , you can just copy them to the new directory structure.  For example, if you’re working on changes in sli/adaptors, you can copy those to the new directory structure by the following steps:

  • cd $HOME/gerrit/ccsdk/sli
  • cp -r ../old.sli/adaptors .
  • rm adaptors/.gitignore adaptors/INFO.yaml adaptors/version.properties

Note: the three files listed above (.gitignore, INFO.yaml, and version.properties) should only exist at the top directory of each repository – so in the combined ccsdk/sli, they should not exist in the core, adaptors, northbound and plugins subdirectories.

I am in the process now of syncing the guilin branch from the existing ccsdk/sli/* repos with the guilin branch of the new ccsdk/sli.  There are a few pending gerrit reviews against the guilin branch that I’ll cherry pick to the guilin branch of ccsdk/sli as well – so no need to resubmit those.


I apologize for the inconvenience, but this change will greatly simplify the process of generating new release builds to turn over to OOM/integration for testing.



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