Re: SDNC error when instantiating the vf module #sdnc #frankfurt

Dan Timoney



That error is indicating that you’re trying to instantiate a vf-module that SDNC doesn’t recognize.  SDNC gets a feed from SDC of TOSCA models.  So, what seems to be happening here is that for some reason, the vf-module you’re trying to instantiate doesn’t match any of the TOSCA model data that SDNC has received. That ‘customization UUID’ is the key we use to match the incoming data in your request.  Under the ‘vf-module-information / onap-model-information’, there’s a field called ‘model-customization-uuid’, which has to match the customization-uuid defined for that vf-module in the TOSCA model.


That’s what SDNC specifically is complaining about.  To fix it, if you happen to know the TOSCA model that defines that vf-module, you can try to redistribute the model from SDC to see if that helps.  If not, it’s possible that for some reason SDNC is not able to ingest that model (due to some data error maybe?).  If that’s the case, there should be an error in the sdnc-ueb-listener pod that you should be able to see via kubectl logs.


Hope this helps – good luck!



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Hi ONAP community,
I am using ONAP Frankfurt and trying to instantiate a service on Openstack. Everything goes on well until I instantiate vf module. The SO returns this error message to me:
""STATUS: Error Source: SDNC, Error Message: No model found for VF module customization UUID a33ddecd-691f-4e73-a269-c469d3b30df5 FLOW STATUS: All Rollback flows have completed successfully ROLLBACK STATUS: Rollback has been completed successfully."
The model is created in database but here I see the SDNC problem with it. Is there any way I can fix this or somewhere I should look to find some clues?
Any help is appreciated.


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