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Dan Timoney



In preparation for the Honolulu M2 milestone (scheduled for 1/21), I have completed the release planning templates for CCSDK and SDNC.  They can be found at the following links:


I don’t believe anything there should be particular controversial – i.e. the commitments I listed are consistent with the  Honolulu Impacts by Component wiki page (https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Honolulu+Impact+View+per+Component).


We’ll review these on our next call (next Weds – 1/27), but I wanted to provide these links in advance in case anyone has any comments/concerns they would like to raise before the formal M2 milestone vote. 






Dan Timoney


Lead Member of Tech Staff

ONAP Project Technical Lead : CCSDK and SDNC projects


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