Invoking VNF REST API call as result of closed CL? #controlloop


Is it possible to specify and execute an API call on a VNF as the resultant action from a TCA that is part of a closed CL?
The whole loop would look something like
VNF <- (collect metrics) VES Agent (POST VES event) -> VES Collector (publish VES event) -> TCA (publish TCA event) -> Policy Engine
(policy-specified ModifyConfig event) -> APP-C (policy-specified POST API request)-> VNF

The VNF in question has API endpoints for retrieving metrics by my VES Agent, and for updating configuration values as a result of analyzing
those metrics by ONAP/DCAE.

Also, is there some definitive documentation (other than rather old videos) for specifying the JSON that ends up in the ModifyConfig payload?

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