Re: Invoking VNF REST API call as result of closed CL? #controlloop

Jorge Hernandez

Hi Ken,

The scenario that you described looks very similar to the vFirewall usecase.   May be you  know already, but take a look at the scripts that Brian F. put together for automating the scenario in the testsuite/ repo, closed-loop.robot.   Take also a look at the readthedocs vfirewall use case description, it may also shed some insight.   

You can see an example of the modify-config policy here:

The payload is the section that I think you are interested in changing, in theory I think it is passthrough.   I don't think this functionality has been tested much besides vfirewall use case, but I think in theory should work.

If you have the DCAE part right, you should start seeing ONSET messages in policy-drools-pdp-0 container, look under $POLICY_LOGS/network.log, that would give you an indication that that leg is working ok.


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