Re: Invoking VNF REST API call as result of closed CL? #controlloop

Brian Freeman

Take a look at the robot log.html that is attached to the following jira. Scroll down to see how robot creates the policy updates after the VM is instantiated. Then you can look at the files that are in the testsuite repo under assets;a=tree;f=robot/assets/templates/policy;h=aaae0c1a9ea45749c7bea378a2faf96fb52c7f2b;hb=refs/heads/master


(there are a set of policy templates used by robot)



(see the attached log.html file for the instantiateVFWCL)






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Thanks for the response!  I'll look into the vFirewall use case.  Can you provide a link to where all that content
resides?  As a newcomer, it's very hard for me to find the latest and greatest code/scripts/documentation.


We're using Guilin, if that matters.  Thanks again.



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Hi Ken,

The scenario that you described looks very similar to the vFirewall usecase.   May be you  know already, but take a look at the scripts that Brian F. put together for automating the scenario in the testsuite/ repo, closed-loop.robot.   Take also a look at the readthedocs vfirewall use case description, it may also shed some insight.   

You can see an example of the modify-config policy here:

The payload is the section that I think you are interested in changing, in theory I think it is passthrough.   I don't think this functionality has been tested much besides vfirewall use case, but I think in theory should work.

If you have the DCAE part right, you should start seeing ONSET messages in policy-drools-pdp-0 container, look under $POLICY_LOGS/network.log, that would give you an indication that that leg is working ok.


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