#ccsdk OpenDaylight Aluminum upgrade in progress #ccsdk

Dan Timoney

CCSDK team:


As mentioned on this morning’s status call, I have been doing local testing on pending Gerrit reviews to upgrade to the OpenDaylight Aluminum (SR1) release. In my local testing, I was able to bring up the CCSDK odlsli docker container (the container running OpenDaylight + our CCSDK add-ons) and verified that the healthcheck passed.


Based on that successful result, I am starting the process of merging those changes.  During that period, there might be some issues with other CCSDK Jenkins builds in progress – especially in ccsdk/distribution, until all impacted repos are upgraded to Aluminum.  With any luck, the upgrades should be done today – so hopefully most people won’t see any negative impact.   I just wanted to warn you all just in case you see any problems.





Dan Timoney


Lead Member of Tech Staff

ONAP Project Technical Lead : CCSDK and SDNC projects


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