Updating processor / processor groups in DCAE MOD fails with "Unable to connect to Nifi" error. #dcaegen2 #oom #guilin


Dear All,

I have kubernetes 1.15 cluster installed on Openstack VMs. I also had a successful installation of ONAP (all components) using oom with all pods running. From the ingress side, I have an nginx ingress controller running with Nodeport services. Although I am able to access the nifi URL of DCAE MOD using the URL as "https://hostname:externalport(fromingress)/nifi, and create a processor or a processor group, the update fails with the below error message as shown in the screenshot. Here hostname is as set in the virtual host field and is "dcaemod.simpledemo.onap.org".

 I see that it is a CORS error failing in the OPTIONS request that goes before the PUT request. But I am not able to figure out why this happens during PUT request only. It is a private network in which the setup is done. It will be great if anyone could provide any suggestions on solving this problem.

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