Re: [Guilin] Error in OOF healthcheck to the music #music #guilin #oof aaf

Morgan Richomme


I assume everybody shall have this behavior
See last cluster status from daily CI:

Music certificates expired 2 days ago
The issue had been reported.
I did not get any feedback on the maintenance release.
Due the DDF PTL, TSC meeting did not take place this week.


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Hi all,

Until last week, I was able to deploy normally,
but since the day before yesterday, when I deploy, the some oof pods stops at Init.
dev-music-785d7dc695-rv5dx                         1/1     Running      0          5h11m
dev-music-cassandra-0                              1/1     Running      0          5h11m
dev-music-cassandra-1                              1/1     Running      0          5h10m
dev-music-cassandra-2                              1/1     Running      0          5h9m
dev-music-cassandra-job-config-7r6cg               0/1     Completed    0          5h11m
dev-oof-has-data-7dd596c7fd-xzmwt                  0/1     Init:2/4     27         4h48m
dev-oof-has-healthcheck-t8jln                      1/1     Running      0          4h48m
dev-oof-has-onboard-z5bq7                          0/1     Completed    0          4h48m
dev-oof-has-reservation-6fb957944b-7m6sv           0/1     Init:2/4     27         4h48m
dev-oof-has-solver-557557fc9f-5j42l                0/1     Init:2/4     27         4h48m
dev-oom-cert-service-544b4d7d56-xcmtj              1/1     Running      0          4h48m

When going through the logs, the health check to the music returned 400.
      sleep 15;
      until [ $resp = "200" ]; do
      resp=$(curl -k -s -o /dev/null --write-out %{http_code} -X POST https://music.onap:8443/MUSIC/rest/v2/keyspaces/conductor/tables/plans/rows?id=healthcheck \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
      -H "ns: conductor" \
      -H "Authorization: Basic Y29uZHVjdG9yOmMwbmR1Y3Qwcg==" \
      --data @healthcheck.json);
      echo $resp;
      sleep 2;

anyone seen the issue like this? Any help is really appreciated.

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