Re: [Guilin] policy-xacml-pdp pod in CrashLoopBackOff #guilin #policy dev-policy-xacml-pdp

Naveen S. Sankad

Hi Aniello,

The policy-xacml-pdp pod in CrashLoopBackOff will affect the Error Source: SDNC, Error Message: Failed to create self-serve assignment for vnf with vnf-id=9d70c5e1-5a79-4a4a-8295-b028ec344119 with error: Encountered error from self-serve-generate-name with error: Error from NameGenerationNode Assign.​  During CNF Instantiation?

Please provide your inputs.

Thanks and Regards,

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Is the new certification released?

I am getting the error on certs expiration for policy-xaml-pdp pod..


Where can I get the new certification?








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