Re: [vnfsdk] marketplace DB pk and name package name unique constrained.

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Isaac Glick,


Thank you for your suggestions.


We will surely work on them. (Uniqueness of package metadata)

All these suggestions will be tracked and will be part of Beijing release.


With regards,


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I was looking on the marketplace project  and I  have same suggestions for  issues I notice.

  1. The package table definition  is missing a PK (on the csarid).
  2. I thinks the package name should have unique constrained.
  3. Currently the name of the package is taken from the upload zip name. I thinks It should take as an input from the  user then uploading the as CASR and I mention before it should be unique so the business code should return an error in case it is not unique .


I will glad to hear your opinions and  help with the implantation.




Isaac Glick



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