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Regarding Test Service.


Test Service only provides frameworks to execute Tests and provide result in unified way.

Currently robot framework automatically generates the XML test result and the result is converted into REST response

to the caller of the test service.


Storage and display need to be handled by the user of the framework. Currently Test Service

is in very primitive phase and has not been integrated to ONAP yet.


All your suggestions are welcome and will be considered sincerely.


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I notice that the tests results service is getting the results from the zips files the verification tests generate.

It looks to me that this is a limiting way for storing/managing the results.

It can limit future development such a versioning, support of more than one basic test package, searches on the results etc. and it is not manageable  as using DB.   

I thinks test results should reported/store in DB as part of the tests verification possess and not relay on retrieving the results from zip files.

It may be need considered what to store:

  1. Only the reports of the test cases  status.
  2. Store same of the logs or the full zip in the database.




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