[linuxfoundation.org #50378] Re:[ONAP Helpdesk #50378] Jenkins jobs failed (due to snapshot repository setting?)

zhao.huabing@zte.com.cn via RT <onap-helpdesk@...>

Hi Jess,

1.1.0 is just a snapshot version right now, so it should not be released at this point. Do we have a workaround for this issue?



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Sender: <onap-helpdesk@...>;
To: zhaohuabing10201488;
CC: <onap-discuss@...>;
Date: 2017/12/30 02:12
Subject: [ONAP Helpdesk #50378] Jenkins jobs failed (due to snapshot repository setting?)

Dear Huabing,

This is the last released version we had for these binaries:

Looks like we need to make a release for version 1.1.0. Do you have a candidate for this version that we can release?


On Tue Dec 26 04:17:29 2017, zhao.huabing@... wrote:
Dear ONAP helpdesk,

I noticed that some of the jenkins jobs are continually failing, it
seems that the snapshot repository is missing in the ONAP maven

One failed Jenkins job: https://jenkins.onap.org/view/msb/job/msb-

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-site-
plugin:3.6:site (default-cli) on project msb-apigateway-parent: failed
to get report for org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-javadoc-plugin:
Failed to execute goal on project apiroute-standalone: Could not
resolve dependencies for project
org.onap.msb.apigateway.apiroute:apiroute-standalone:pom:1.1.0: Could
not find artifact org.onap.msb.apigateway.apiroute:apiroute-
service:jar:1.1.0 in releases
(https://nexus.onap.org/content/repositories/releases/) -> [Help
1]13:15:21 [ERROR]



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