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Lusheng Ji

Thank you Michael!


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Good question
Mandeep and the rest of the team change these on demand by PTL and by following the subset on the manifest - as I understand

The goal is to eventually have a script that converts the manifest into an override values.yaml - in the CD system the Jenkins job would also use this approach to override one or all docker tags

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Michael and Mike,

I am wondering how are the docker image tags brought into OOM? In Heat, there is a script which inserts what people have in manifest file into the env file of the Heat deployment.
How is this process carried out for OOM?

Currently for DCAE we declare these version tags in the file dcaegen2/charts/dcae-bootstrap/values.yaml. If you have an automated process importing from manifest, I would like to understand and generate the DCAE container tags using the same process.

Thank you very much for your help.

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