Nexus3 docker pull speed issue - good call - may be narrowed to the nexus3 JVM

Michael O'Brien <Frank.Obrien@...>

Jessica, Jeremy and LF and ONAP team on the call,

   I think some triage was good – your suggestion on issues with the JVM config look right on – we just need to profile/capture with jconsole etc...

   The paused download behavior is very consistent with a blocked thread on the nexus3 side.

   I don’t think there is any more issue with the network infrastructure there are times when the speed is very fast at 25 Mb/sec/layer

   The slowdown and pauses may be as you mention thread pool, jvm GC 1.xG heap sawtooth, or as Gary mentions open files setting related – or a combination – speculating until we get stats from your ops team.

   Will see you at the meeting tomorrow

   Thanks for looking very fast at this for all of us


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