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ONAP Istanbul - SDNC re-deploy issue while working on Network Slicing Use case 2 messages By Ganesh Kamlakar Mane ·
ONAP(Istanbul ) SDNC pod('onap-sdnc-0') is in Init Status 3 messages By Ganesh Kamlakar Mane ·
#ccsdk #sdnc New bridge for weekly CCSDK/SDNC meetings in 2022 By Dan Timoney ·
SDNC deployment failure(using master branch) 2 messages By Janak Kulkarni ·
[onap-sdnc] ONAP Istanbul - Some #SDNC pods not coming up 2 messages By Raghuram Gopalshetty ·
#5G #sdnc 5G Conversion of configuration data from JSON to XML By Michael_Pruss@... ·
No #ccsdk / #sdnc meeting next week By Dan Timoney ·
SDNC preload json file By mahsa.frj@... ·
#sdnc - GUILIN - Schema node with name vnf-parameter-name was not found under By Raghuram Gopalshetty ·
#sdnc - GUILIN - GENERIC-RESOURCE-API:preload-vnf-topology-operation\" is behind mount point. Then it should be in format \"/yang-ext:mount/GENERIC-RESOURCE-API:preload-vnf-topology-operation\"."}]}} By Raghuram Gopalshetty ·
#sdnc #honolulu SDNC pod certs-init container keeps failing 3 messages By tolgaatalay ·
Honoluu Release : SDNC pods are not coming up #sdnc - and CDS Health check is also Failing. 2 messages By tolgaatalay ·
#sdnc #sdnr [SDNC] pods were in CrashloopbackOff(Cert Issue) in latest Guilin charts 4 messages By alexander.dehn@... ·
#ccsdk / #sdnc meeting canceled 6/2 and 6/9 By Dan Timoney ·
Network Slicing - Interface between SDN-R and CPS By ahila.pandaram@wipro.com ·
CCSDK/SLI usage and further updates questions By Ruslan Kashapov ·
SDNC pods carshloopback 5 messages By alexander.dehn@... ·
#ccsdk #sdnc Issue with CDS py-executor By Dan Timoney ·
#sdnc Facing issues while trying to mount netconf server 19 messages By nagachetan.km@... ·
#ccsdk / #sdnc meeting 2/3/21 cancelled By Dan Timoney ·
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