Ability to monitor notifications on all ONAP JIRA cases? #aai #integration

Keong Lim

Hi Kenny,

In the AAI Weekly meeting, we looked at a problem raised in JIRA as

One of the team's concerns was that this case was raised in the Integration JIRA project, so no-one in the AAI team was notified of its existence until it was mentioned in a chat room discussion (JIRA notifications are typically limited to Assignee, Reporter and Project Lead, unless otherwise configured).

In this case, it would be useful if the members of the AAI team could monitor all JIRA cases for AAI-related issues and try to respond in a more timely fashion.

In the Confluence wiki, it's trivially easy to put a watch on a space, meaning that notifications are sent for all pages in the space. This can be combined with an email filter rule to select AAI related messages.

Is there an equivalent way to get notifications for all the projects in the ONAP JIRA?

JIRA filter subscriptions might work, but I don't think it would be as useful as a Notification Scheme.

Could the ONAP JIRA can be setup with Notification Schemes (e.g. to see when cases are created, updated, closed, etc), with messages sent to an email list?
And could this be combined with a new email list so that individuals can subscribe to get the relevant messages as they fly through?