Generating cert for a particular namespace #aaf

Rahul Sharma

Hi Jonathan Gathman, AAF Experts,

Need your help!
When working with Casablanca version of AAI with AAF installed, I was always getting 'Access Denied'. For details of the request/response, please see the email here.
The difference in our version of ONAP is the following:
  • We are not using 'onap' as the namespace
  • We are not using '302' as the nodePortPrefix
  • We are not using '/dockerdata-nfs' as the persistent mountPath.

After recommendation from Pavel (AAI team), we were able to successfully communicate with AAI after disabling AAF. See here.

However, our goal is to have AAI working with AAF. As you can see in the email chain here, it's possible that the generated AAF cert (which uses the default onap namespace) may be causing this Authorization failure. Since we use a specific namespace, we may want to regenerate the cert for this namespace.

Can you please help advise if we are looking in the right direction. If yes, provide us with pointers on how to generate the certs.