Kubernetes NodePort reservations are required until ingress refactoring is in - otherwise port conflicts occur #oom #kubernetes #nodeport

Michael O'Brien <frank.obrien@...>


   There is at least one team that is not reserving nodeports – this has caused several instances of nodeport conflicts during a full helm deploy – this has occurred regularly over the past 6 months – in some instances the effects were 2 levels – a conflict – causing a 2nd conflict after a 2nd refactor.


    TODO: NodePort reservation: temporary until we get ingress ports up – any nodeport change MUST consult/update this page before a test FULL deploy.



   Note 1: you will not see a conflict unless you deploy the entire onap – so only full deploys like during CD jobs will catch these.

   Note 2: a couple of the nodeports are reserved for design/test-time charts that are not normally deployed – please consult the wiki registry first before using an open nodeport.

   Note 3: remember you don’t need an externally accessible nodeport for internal rest calls – the internal DNS service name is good for this – no exposure necessary.

   Note 4: the 304 prefix is more open than the 302 prefix – which is essentially closed now.

   Note 5: if you change any nodeport in a values.yaml – you MUST deploy all of ONAP – including every single pod listed in the dev/values.yaml override – for assistance in a managed deploy – use


    thank you



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