Stepping down as VF-C PTL role

Yan Yang

Dear TSC,


Due to a shift in my role and responsibilities within the company, I want to let you know that I’m stepping down as the PTL of the VF-C project effective today (June 5, 2020).But I would be delighted to help with any last minute activity that comes up for the sign off of ONAP Frankfurt release. 


Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to serve as the PTL for VF-C projet in the past six releases and it is really a wonderful journey to work with everyone in the community.


As required by the process, I will follow the official ONAP process for the next VF-C PTL elections as soon as I can.




Thanks and Regards,

Yan Yang

Catherine LEFEVRE <catherine.lefevre@...>

Thank you so much Yan for your great contributions to the ONAP Community since its inception, helping us to develop CCVPN Blueprint, Network Slicing requirement and more.

Best of luck in all of your future endeavors


368 Commits, 12 Authors from 4 different companies have been contributing to VF-C since the last PTL election in 2019.

Let us know the results of the 2020 VF-C PTL election.


Many thanks & regards