Onap Frankfurt Deployment Problems #deployment #frankfurt

Gülsüm Atıcı


In ONAP Frankfurt  deployment, below jobs does not  completed and several pods does not  become running, although I have tried sevetal times.

Besides, when I checked the  setting up onap for  Frankfurt, installation guidance links are all passive.  What is the reason of it ?Does  Frankfurt deployment has  problems ?  



dev-aaf-sms-preload                    0/1           2d22h      2d22h
dev-aai-traversal-update-query-data    0/1           2d22h      2d22h
dev-dmaap-bc-post-install              0/1           2d22h      2d22h
dev-oof-has-healthcheck                0/1           2d22h      2d22h
dev-sdc-be-config-backend              0/1           2d22h      2d22h
dev-sdc-cs-config-cassandra            0/1           2d22h      2d22h
dev-sdc-dcae-be-tools                  0/1           2d22h      2d22h
dev-sdc-onboarding-be-cassandra-init   0/1           2d22h      2d22h
dev-sdc-wfd-be-workflow-init           0/1           2d22h      2d22h
dev-sdnrdb-curator-1593392400          0/1           10h        10h
dev-so-mariadb-config-job              0/1           2d21h      2d21h
dev-vid-galera-config                  0/1           2d20h      2d20h


Hi Gulsum,

I think this one can be the issue https://jira.onap.org/browse/INT-1633
I prepared patch for it within https://jira.onap.org/browse/OOM-2442 but still doing tests. It might be that previous mariadb-galera rolling upgrade patch will be simply rolled back.