Update on Gerrit upgrade

Andrew Grimberg

Greetings folks,

Yesterday's upgrade for Gerrit included a transition to using SSO for login.

Some of you have encountered problems since this switch. Please do the
following to get yourself back up to full working conditions:

1) Log out of the web UI.

2) Log into the web UI. The switch did not invalidate ongoing web
sessions but it did invalidate the backend groups. The logout and login
will re-establish what groups you're part of. This includes the CLAs
that you've signed

3) If you use HTTP as your git transport then you must now generate a
password token as your LF Account password is no longer recognized. To
get this token go to the follow URL


and press the 'Generate New Password' button. Please note that the
password displayed is only retrievable when you generate it. If you lose
the password you will have to generate a new one!

Update anything using HTTP to use the new password (this includes
anything using the REST API)

4) If you get errors when trying to login please open a support ticket
at https://support.linuxfoundation.org the transition to SSO has hard
enforced case sensitivity and many folks had logged into the system
previously with a different case than the backend actually has stored.
We will have to update your gerrit account records to fix this issue for


Andrew J Grimberg
Manager Release Engineering
The Linux Foundation