M, UdhayaChandran

Hi Team,

I am trying to register an external cloud via ESR, I followed the steps in the wiki page and able to query the cloud Information in AAI database.

But flavor and other informations of the cloud are not replicated in the AAI under the cloud region.

when i query for the flavor informations under the cloudOwner and cloud region , am getting "No node of type flavor found" in AAI response.


Keong Lim

Hi Udhay,

AAI does not retrieve flavors by itself, so you would need to trigger the MultiCloud functions to retrieve them and store them into AAI.
From your other email, it looks like AAI is giving the correct response for when there are no flavors stored.

It is difficult to diagnose the problem without knowing all the steps you have followed.
Could you please include the link to the wiki page you are following (there are so many pages)?