[modeling] Help on ONAP R2 Data Modeling verification


Hi Denghui and Victor,


Serban Jora (jora@...) and I can help with some of these verification tasks. Can you please reach out to us separately and provide a bit more detail? The jira tickets explanations are minimal. Thanks,




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Thank you very much, Dr. Deng.

Yes, we need more contributors on this since we only have less one month for Beijing release.

If anyone wants to contribute, please contact me, I will give you some simple instructions.





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Hello all


We have more than 10-20 companies regularly to talk about ONAP modeling , but unfortunately we have only 2 coders contributing ONAP R2 modeling code contribution.

Victor has worked on this more than 1 week, and felt that he can’t do such huge work just by himself, so he has create below jira to invite more contributors


                I create JIRA tickets to track the status for R2 DM Verification




4.  Owner: Dejan from ericsson

5.  Owner: Dejan from ericsson

6.  Owner: Victor Gao


If you could help, please come and help on first 3 bullets.

Many thanks for your help


Best regards,