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Adding onap-program-committee and Catherine .



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Hi Kenny,

  I won't be able to Prague, I will let qingjie(in CC)  be the owner of my submitted topic 5G Network Slicing Model, and this topic will be moved to Modeling subcommittee session, not a single session any more.

Thank you.



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主题:Your ONAP Session request for Prague

(bcc’d to 28 different people)


Those on the BCC list are receiving this because you are listed as an ONAP topic owner or co-owner for one or more of the session proposals submitted for the Prague Developer and Test Forum in January, as per the proposal list:



Comparing the session owners on that page against a registration list I pulled at 08:30 pacific this morning I was unable to visually match an event registration record for over 50% of the proposed session owners. Your name is one of those I was unable to match.  


As our ability to accommodate non-attendee participation is expected to be very limited, both room and resource priority for accommodating non-attendee participation at this event will be given to TSC and subcommittee meetings.


If you plan on attending and simply have not yet registered, no action is required other than kindly registering ASAP, please and thank you!



If you are not attending this event in person, DO NOT plan to give your presentation remotely. Your ability to do so cannot be guaranteed.  Please instead make arrangements now for someone that will be on-site to become the owner of the content and to present your session.