ONAP F2F in Prague - agenda

Davide Cherubini

I am trying to create a first draft right now and share it with the rest of the committee.


I think most of the people are still on holiday ( as I am 😉) but we will try to finalise it ASAP.


Thanks for your patience,



PS: I am starting with the SECCOM related topics.


From: Pawel Pawlak <p.pawlak@...>
Date: Friday, 3 January 2020 at 14:50
To: Davide Cherubini <davide.cherubini@...>
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Subject: ONAP F2F in Prague - agenda


Hello Davide,

I have seen that you were recently updating the agenda on the Wiki.

Do you now when the agenda for our Prague ONAP meetings is going to be finalized?

Best regards


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