#onap-sdnc Build Issue with sdnc/oam #onap-sdnc

Rahul Yadav

 i am trying to build SDNC locally . I have cloned sdnc/oam and trying to build the docker image from sdnc/oam/installation/sdnc 
..when i do a maven build to create the docker image..the build an error that "ccsdk-odlsli-alpine-image" image version is not available on nexus docker repo i updated the dockerfile inside of sdnc/oam/installation/sdnc/src/main/docker to change the version to onap/ccsdk-alpine-image:0.4.0.
This image is available and is pulled but the build fails at a later stage and the error im getting is "unable to build image:
The command 'bin/sh -c cp $ODL_HOME/etc/org.apache.karaf.features.cfg $ODL_HOME/etc/org.apache.karaf.features.cfg.orig returned a non-zero code.I also tried pulling ccsdk-alpine-image:latest but docker coesn't find it in repo although i can see it there.
I am not sure what's the correct version for the base image for the dublin release?
In repo there are ccsdk-alpine-image and ccsdk-odlsli-alpine-image.I am not sure which one is the right one
The dockerfile in the master branch of sdnc/oam points to " FROM onap/ccsdk-odlsli-alpine-image:${ccsdk.docker.version}".
Any help would be greatly appreciated.