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Dan Timoney

CCSDK / SDNC team:


As discussed on our call this morning, we need to create an initial release of our CCSDK and SDNC teams to facilitate early testing of some features in our next release.  I’m in the process of creating those initial versions now.


As many of you probably know, there is a self release that can be used to trigger release builds via gerrit reviews.  I’ve documented the steps needed to release our CCSDK artifacts on the following wiki page :


I’ll be following these steps to create the initial versions for Honolulu – so no further action is needed at this time.  However, I did want to document and share these procedures in case any of you have a need to request a release build, so that you can do so yourselves if I’m not available to handle it for you or if you’d just prefer to do it yourself.