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Subject: python 3 vs 2


Next January, Python 2 loses all support from They’ve already extended their support for 2.x by 5 years. This means that come January 1, 2020, there will no longer be a supported version of python 2.


From we find this:


The End Of Life date (EOL, sunset date) for Python 2.7 has been moved five years into the future, to 2020 [n.b. from 2015]. This decision was made to clarify the status of Python 2.7 and relieve worries for those users who cannot yet migrate to Python 3. See also PEP 466.


Being the last of the 2.x series, 2.7 will have an extended period of maintenance. Specifically, 2.7 will receive bugfix support until January 1, 2020. After the last release, 2.7 will receive no support.


Shortly after El Alto is frozen, any code in ONAP that still uses Python 2.7 will no longer be based on a supported FLOSS language.


From a Seccom point of view, this means that there will be no more security fixes from for python 2.7.


I think it would be worth issuing a SECCOM statement about Python 2.7, possibly as part of El Alto requirements.



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