Re: VNF Security Requirements - El Alto Refresh: Meeting 19/7/25



Just a few remarks:

regarding VNFRQTS-672

------ OLD TEXT 

      The VNF application processes SHOULD NOT run as root. If a VNF application process must run as root, the technical reason must be documented.

------ NEW TEXT

      The VNF application processes SHOULD NOT run as root.

      If a VNF application process needs to run commands with root privilege, the access to resource MUST be controlled so that the process can only be granted on resource that it is expected to manipulate. Access control to resources MUST be enabled e.g. using SELinux.

      If a VNF application process needs root privileges, the commands expected to be run with root privilege MUST be controlled e.g. using Linux Capabilities


      There will be VNFs that require root privileges on the host for functionality such as SRI/OV.

==> indeed the initial requirement does not enable to ensure that running VNF application processes as root is performed in reliable and controlled conditions.
and another point, can this activity regarding unning VNF application processes as root be monitored? is it up to the VNF to handle this monitoring, or to the service? to ONAP?

regarding requirement: R-821839

    The VNF or PNF MUST deliver event records to ONAP using the common transport mechanisms and protocols defined in this specification.

==> it should be specified which information is expected by "event records"? is it sensitive? 


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Objet : [Onap-seccom] VNF Security Requirements - El Alto Refresh: Meeting 19/7/25

The following requirements are ready for approval. Those interested in the requirements refresh, please review and provide your approval by +1. On 19/8/1 these requirements will be promoted to inclusion in the El Alto VNF Requirements.


VNF Requirement

Jira Ticket



R-78010 specifies the protocols







We discussed that we will review the container security requirement in CIS and if they seem adequate for VNFs and ONAP, we will add a requirement that containerized VNFs must meet the CIS container security requirements.


Next week I propose that we begin the meeting with a discussion of whether or not to change the term VNF to xNF. Linda Horn brought this up, and we moved back to the topic of containerized VNFs before we completed the conversation about VNF or xNF.



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